At Animal House Veterinary Center we want to ensure all our furry friends can get the highest quality care at the most affordable prices available. With that in mind here is our spay and neuter pricing. We are also a hospital that participates with the Hawaii Humane Society (HHS) for spay and neuter services. There is no charge for the Pre Surgery Exam if you have a HHS Certificate.

We require current vaccines and pets to be parasite free prior to surgery (DHPP and Bordatella for dogs/ Fercp for cats). If the pet is current on vaccines, the presurgical exam is complimentary. If vaccines are not current, the exam is $46. During the presurgical appointment, we confirm vaccine status and require presurgical bloodwork. All spay/neuter procedures receive IV catheters, intraoperative fluids, pain meds, and surgical monitoring. Estimates are provided after the DVM has examined the pet in case any additional services may be necessary/beneficial for the pet. Anesthetic and surgical informed consents are also discussed and confirmed during this appointment. Any additional costs are disclosed to the owner prior to performing services. Spay/neuter services are outpatient unless specific requests are made per owner. Thank you.