Why Dental Care Is Important For Your Canine

Why Dental Care Is Important For Your CanineNaturally, taking care of your dog’s overall health is essential as their owner. But one area that is particularly important is your dog’s dental health. Most pet owners do not know this, and unfortunately, they don’t take care of the their dog’s teeth and gums as they should.

Why Is Canine Dental Care Important?

To help you understand why taking care of your dog’s dental health is so important and to give you some ideas for better pet dental care, check out these important facts.

  • Your dog may be in pain without you realizing it.

If your dog does experience tooth decay and gum disease, they will naturally be in pain because of these dental problems. Still, your dog can’t tell you when they are in pain, so you may not realize it.

  • Dental issues can cause overall health problems.

Primarily, the biggest overall health problems that can be exacerbated by poor dental health are related to cardiovascular health.

  • Most people don’t realize it, but 80 % of adult dogs have gum disease.

Another fact to keep in mind is that most dogs do have gum disease. This is a known fact, so if you assume that it’s not a big deal, think again. However, regular cleanings and using dental chews can help with this.

  • In many cases, retained baby teeth can be troublesome.

Dogs have two sets of teeth like humans. As an adult, dogs have 42 teeth in whole, but if their baby teeth do not completely come out, this can cause serious problems with tartar buildup and irritation.

  • Taking care of your dog’s teeth can save you money down the line.

The health problems that are caused by gum and tooth disease in your dog can cause serious health problems, which can also be quite expensive in terms of medications and treatments. Taking care of your dog’s teeth now can save you money long-term.

How To Care For Your Dog’s Teeth

To take optimal care of your dog’s teeth, you will want to take your dog to the dentist at least once a year for a dental cleaning. In addition, make sure to clean your dog’s teeth yourself at least every other day.

Optimally, you should be brushing your dog’s teeth once a day. You can find toothpaste and toothbrushes for dogs at your local pet store. Finally, try dog chews that can help clean plaque off your dog’s teeth as they chew.

Contact Animal House Veterinary Center

As you can see, dental care is absolutely necessary for the overall health of your dog. If you haven’t arranged a dental checkup for your dog in recent years and you live in the Ewa Beach, HI area, you can make an appointment at Animal House Veterinary Center today to have your dog’s teeth looked at.

At Animal House Veterinary Center, we offer numerous services to keep your dog healthy and keep you informed. In addition to general health and dental services, we can even board your dog when you’re out of town. To make an appointment with us today, give us a call at (808) 689-1797!

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